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The Vagus Nerve, Heart Rate Variability and Improved Health.

By now you know the importance of the Vagus Nerve and why we need to tone and improve its function.  We've tested several devices and have found the easiest one to use is the Hoolest  VeRelief device.  It will improve Parasympathetic function and, therefore, will decrease stress and anxiety, improve sleep and give the user a more balanced nervous system. It is also the most cost effective Vagal Nerve device we've found.

The VeRelief Pro Headset
is coming!  This is a game changer. 

Use the discount code Heartquest20 for 20% off the Prime!

VeRelief Prime

This offer is good until Sept. 30, 2024. After that, the discount will go to 10%

VeRelief is the first wireless, dry-electrode, and portable vagus nerve stimulator smaller than a car key fob. Pick one up today and start experiencing the benefits of a more active vagus nerve!

Did you know that the VeRelief Prime can stimulate other nerves in your body? In particular, there is a nerve called the trigeminal nerve in your forehead that controls pain, specifically headache pain. If you have a headache in the area of your forehead, you can put the VeRelief Prime on your forehead to stimulate the trigeminal nerve, which may provide temporary relief from acute headache pain.
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